Welcome to our cosy play corner - our little haven of sorts, where we allow ourselves to breathe, do the stuff we love, and share it with the world.

It’s a rare pleasure to labour for the things we love, and as we joyfully strive in this journey to share our craft and appreciation for all good things, we also work in collaboration with fellow artists and creators to bring new projects to life.

We warmly embrace you in this happy heart space, where we hope to delight you always with our musings and creations.


The Team

Rex Lee
Rex Lee

An accomplished artist, Rex’s work in ink illustration has won popular appeal and he continues sharing his craft through collaborative art and teaching projects. His participation in a global ink-art initiative called “Inktober” was  recently featured on BBC news.

In his youth, Rex ran a cartoon column in Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore’s chinese newspaper), and was later a pioneer in the local digital advertising scene. His early foray into animation saw him engage in exchanges with leading studios like Stan Lee Media, Illuminated Film Company, Gonzo Animation and Shanghai Animation Film Studio, where he gained invaluable insights and experience.  He has also garnered some awards for his digital animation work.

Rex is a veteran Ukulele player and performs with a band in his leisure time. He is also currently working on an animated short film.


Florence has been writing through most of her professional career. She writes and directs projects by day, and dreams in paper and ink when idling.

She has special affection for folklore and fairytales, and is currently working on a series of short stories inspired by Scandinavian mythology. Musings on the Moon is her debut collaboration with Rex, featuring a collection of whimsical rhymes and stories that promises to delight readers of all ages. 

Florence loves travelling and tries to explore the world through camera lens, conversation and literature (and yes she does take planes, sorry Greta!). She is likely to have been a cat in her previous life and is now a proud mother to many.

Damian Lee
Damian Lee

Creative director by profession, Damian is a talented designer whose experience spans across two decades of commercial work for numerous industries and across varied media.

He first bagged top honours at the Creative Youth Exchange (Asia) in 2004 as overall competition winner, and has since continued to garner accolades for his commercial work.

A talented illustrator himself, Damian also made key contributions to character design and animation productions that have been aired on Singapore television.

Currently based in Vietnam, he’s now making footprints in a new landscape and continues to embrace new challenges with dogged enthusiasm, cheerfulness and a positive work ethic.

Mark Lim
Mark Lim

Mark is our Jack of all trades – because he’s just one of those people who is endowed with what we consider to be an unfair proportion of natural gifts.

His career is almost as exuberant as his bubbly persona – from early beginnings at a German toy store to executive positions at multinational bigwigs like Nokia, Mark’s talents in writing, marketing and business development have been well sought-after and applied across broad-ranging industries. 

His entrepreneurial undertakings include co-founding a pioneering social media agency in Singapore and a thriving business in RC Hobby cars, where he also contested as a national representative in regional races.

Also an avid movie-goer and reviewer, Mark enjoys fixing gadgets in his spare time and spending time with his two lovely daughters.